The Greatest Penalty Shoot Out. Ever

After the Carling Cup semi final this week between Cardiff v Crystal Palace ended with a (poor) penalty shoot out I got talking with a few friends about the greatest penalties we had ever seen.

After some time (and a few drinks) we came up with what could possibly be the best shoot out you will never see. If a team ran through the following penalties I think it would be safe to say they’d probably do okay 🙂

1. Rik Coppens (Belgium v Iceland, 1957) The first two- man penalty famously later recreated by Johan Cruyff in 1982 and again (unsuccessfully) by Henry & Pires.

2. Francesco Totti (Roma Training Session) This back-heeled penalty was copied by Thiyab Awana from the UAE when playing against Lebanon and it drew quite a bit of criticism at the time not only from the opposing team, who were oblviously upset at the ‘disrepectful’ nature of the goal but also from the player’s own coach who immediately substituted him after the goal.

3. Antonin Panenka (Czechoslovakia v W Germany, 1976) This is the penalty that’s been tried & attempted many times, the original (and the best in my opinion) was scored by Panenka in the penalty shoot out that decided the European Championship Final

4. Ezequiel Calvente (Spain u19s v Italy u19s, 2010) The ‘switch hit’ penalty that confirmed the fears of the rest of the football playing world that the Spanish team is going to stay strong for quite a few years to come…

5. Stuart Pearce (England v Spain, 1995) Now the English aren’t known for their penalty taking skils but after taking into account the history behind this shot and the release of emotion behind it means I’ve got to include it.

Like I said above I’m pretty sure the shoot out would not get to sudden death but just in case here’s one extra.

6 (sudden death). Unknown Player Although this penalty wasn’t taken in a Euro final or a WCQ someone mentioned that they had seen in online & I think it probably deserves to be in the list just because it’s great to see the keeper’s reaction after he realises that the goal has been given. Lesson here is don’t celebrate too early!

Are there any others I’ve missed? If you think so let me know in the comments!

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2 Responses to The Greatest Penalty Shoot Out. Ever

  1. Shaun Causer says:

    Hi Matt,

    My God that Stuart Pearce penalty brought back some memories! I’d forgotten what it was like to win a penalty shoot out.

    Any thoughts on a worst penalties post? All Beckham-esk dodgy penalty spot ones omitted of course, the pain is still too near. Then again you could probably fill that post with England misses over the past 20 years alone.

    I’d best go watch these again now to cheer myself up.



    • Matt says:

      I thought about doing something like that, there are definitely some shockers out there! Maybe something for when we get knocked out of the Euro’s (again) 🙁

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