Running The 2016 London Marathon

Hi everyone! I can’t quite believe that it’s pretty much a year since I last wrote anything on here. I’m not entirely sure where the last year has gone but nevermind… Anyway, the reason I’m clearing away the tumbleweeds and breaking the relative silence is that I have a massive favour to ask (or favor for my American friends).


Like 247,068 other people (a record by the way) I entered the 2016 London Marathon ballot more in hope than expectation. After entering the ballot a number of times over the years I knew that only with a bit of luck was I going to get a public running spot.

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A few months passed and the day finally came when the ballot results were released. It was only a few more (nervous) days later when I received my expected Spider-man magazine that informed me of my unsuccessful entry. This year though, instead of resigning myself to another morning of watching the race on television, trying to hide my jealousy at the number of runners taking part, I decided that 2016 was going to be different. I was going to run, or at least try to run, London.

As the ballot route has now closed I sat down and thought about applying for a charity running place. Just like millions of people in the UK, Cancer has cast it’s horrible shadow across my family and so I know that the impact the diseases have, not only at the time of diagnosis, but also through treatment and after. With this in mind, I went online and started looking at the which charities were involved.

As the father of two healthy, happy little boys, I can’t imagine how hard it must be for parents with poorly children so, Children with Cancer UK immediately stood out as the charity I wanted to support. I filled out the application form and was hopeful that as well as potentially running the Marathon I could really help raise much needed funds for such a well deserving cause.

Children With Cancer UKA week or so passed when an email hit my inbox asking for me to speak to someone at the charity to “confirm a few details”. I fully expected this to be just a case of confirming my name, address, reasons for applying etc. before being told they would let me know. After speaking to the team there I was shocked to be offered a place on their Superhero run team (I actually went so quiet when it was offered, that they had to double check that I was still on the line!).

So this is where we are today, I’m finally able to tick the London Marathon of my list and whilst I’m doing it I am also raising funds for a charity that I know will really appreciate the support and put the money to good use. Training has started and the clock has started ticking. If April arrives as quickly as this year has passed then it will be here before I know it!

You can help me raise much needed funds by visiting my Virgin Money Fundraising Page and donating whatever you can.


P.s. If you follow me on Twitter or are friends on Facebook I’ll try not to bore you too much with running posts and training updates but I will be reminding you of my cause (and expected pain) from now until April 24th 🙂

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