My Ice Bucket Challenge

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks you will have undoubtedly seen your Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram/ YouTube feeds filled to the brim with people taking part in various incarnations of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Ice activity really seems to have picked up recently with a whole host of ‘celebrities’ taking part and with this we seem to have hit a tipping point where people have started questioning those motives behind doing the challenges as well as how/ if/ why other businesses (read: Samsung) & charities (read: Macmillan) might be accused of hijacking the campaign for their own goals.*

What can’t be questioned is how this ‘trend’ has become one of the most successful viral fundraising campaigns ever to take place. I think at the last count the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge alone had raised over $80m dollars from over 1.7m different donors. Compare this to $2.5m in donations The ALS Association have said they received during the same time last year and you can’t really question how much of an impact the campaign has had. Couple this with the various other charities people have included and you really do have to applaud people’s generosity.

As the weeks rolled on I thought I had somehow I managed to avoid nomination and like many others I had started to say that I wouldn’t do a challenge but after reading about the charities & the amount of money raised I couldn’t really refuse when I was nominated by James at All Year Round Clearance – Thanks ‘mate’ 😉

My challenge was in aid of MNDa & you can quickly & easily donate to MNDa by texting ICED55 and your donation amount (e.g. ICED55 £5) to 70070 or by visiting their JustGiving page. You can also donate over the ‘phone by calling 01604 611860 & referencing the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’.

The most important thing to remember here is the original reason behind the challenge. To donate.

Wherever you decide your donation should go, please, if all these videos have made you laugh (or at least raise a smile), donate.


For more information on the MNDa visit

* We’ll leave the argument over whether the celebrities are truly doing the challenge to promote the charity or just get themselves some precious space in the Daily Mail sidebar of shame for others to debate.

Oh, and if you’ve got this far I’m guessing you want to see my actual challenge… Enjoy…

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