Track Santa’s Journey with Google & NORAD

It’s that time of the year when all kids (and big kids) are hoping that they’ve made the nice list & are waiting excitedly for St. Nick to visit them overnight and leave a whole host of goodies under their Christmas trees…

When I was a kid you would always ask your parents just before going to sleep how Santa manages to do it all in one night and how quick he must be to get everything done before Christmas morning (other questions included fireplace related confusion & whether Rudolph actually wanted the half dozen carrots you left out on a small table alongside some mince pies/cookies & a glass of milk). Well nowadays, kids (and parents) alike can answer a lot of the questions with the help of Google & NORAD because for the last few years people have been able to track in real time the whereabouts of Santa is with Google Earth & NORAD. This really brings the old tradition of Chris Cringle into the new web age and I can just see kids all around the world hurriedly rushing to their mum’s & dad’s and asking them to help them find Santa.

If you have kids (or you are just a big kid yourself) you can start tracking Santa from 2pm EST (7pm GMT) today as he starts his journey via Google Maps from your computer/ phone as well as on Google Earth with the plug-in (you just need to search for [santa]).

Have a very Merry Christmas!!

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