FIFA World Cup 2014 Sweepstake Kit

world cup 2014 brazil

With just over 20 days until Brazil kick off the World Cup with their opening game against Croatia & we get a glut of 3 matches a day for about a month (Unless of course you’re an England fan who will lose interest in about 10 days) I thought now would be a good time to share the Sweepstake kit I have created. Everyone loves a good sweepstake and so if you’re planning on roping in all your work colleagues or just your friends down the pub, hopefully this kit will prove useful.

world cup 2014 groupsYou can download your copy of the sweepstake here >> FIFA World Cup 2104 Sweepstake

Whoever you’re rooting for over the next month or so let’s hope the stadia get finished on time and everyone can enjoy the football!

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