PPC Consultant

I have worked in the search engine marketing industry for over 5 years as a PPC Specialist creating & managing paid search campaigns for a vast array of clients including large travel companies through to retail & a number of charitable organisations. Whenever I’m not looking for ways of increasing my clients ROI and reducing their costs (sorry, that sounds really salesy) I am trying to learn more about modern day search engine optimisation (SEO) methods whilst engaging with similar people in the industry.

I am currently a SEM Account Manager for Screaming Frog and before this I managed paid search campaigns at Guava.

You’ll usually find me chatting on Twitter with like minded people, talking about the latest developments in search (and football). If you fancy a chat you can follow me @matthopson.

You can also email me or contact me via my LinkedIn profile.

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

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