Social Media Trends for 2017

*The below was originally posted as part of “130+ Experts Reveal Upcoming Social Media Trends of 2017” by the team over at & offers my thoughts on what trends we’ll see this coming year in social media.

“2017 will see Facebook continue to grow in terms of users. There will be a shift here away from the more standard one dimensional sentiment-led posts to more immersive content using live video. The recent surge in VR could also make an appearance with brands trying to tempt users into experience-led content updates where they get a full 360 degree experience. (Watch out for Red Bull potentially trialling this first). Research from the team over at Pew has already shown that Instagram & Pinterest have moved further past Twitter in terms of users ( and unless changes are made at Twitter I can see this usage gap increasing further. Snapchat is also going to continue to grow as older users start using the app as the audience starts to move away from its traditionally strong base of millennials.

Although large brands have had a small stake in their social media, 2017 will see the shift finally move from using social as an ‘also-ran’ to the primary communication channel for their digitally led campaigns. We’ve seen brands trial this a little in 2016 (Adidas & Man Utd. for example) however this will become a lot more mainstream in 2017 with major campaign launches starting on social before moving to the more traditional marketing channels.

With this shift in focus, the level of competition in terms of paid social advertising is only going to increase as advertisers look to leverage their brand advocates. Brands will want to get the most for their investment and use people’s own social bubbles to share their marketing messages for them. We’ll also start to see organizations really drilling down on the returns from each of the platforms and instead of splitting their focus on multiple profiles focus their attention solely on those that deliver the performance they need.

Finally, although people should have learnt by now I’m sure we’ll also see our fair share of mistakes and poorly timed/ themed campaigns. I’m also not taking any bets on Donald Trump entering into some sort of argument on Twitter with either another World Leader or Global brand.”

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