Out & About On The Conference Circuit: SES London 2011

This year I have made a conscience decision to attend more industry conferences and events and so with this in mind, one rainy February morning I made my way to the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in Westminster (opposite Westminster Abbey & a stone’s throw from the Houses of Parliament) for SES (Search Engine Strategies) London. This conference & expo is part of a series of events with other conferences taking place in New York & Shanghai amongst other cosmopolitan locations.

This was the first time that I have been able to attend the conference as a paid up visitor and so I planned on taking full advantage of the various talks and seminars running throughout the time I was there (which was unfortunately, only one day).

The talks came thick & fast with ideas and thoughts flying around everywhere, and by the end of the day I was ready for a drink and a good natter with the other attendees. Luckily for me, such an event was being held for onboard the HMS President (it was almost as if they had planned it) and so it only seemed right for me to go along and say hello to everyone (and maybe have that drink).

If you get the chance to attend SES in future I would highly recommend it not only are the talks filled to the brim great ideas that you’ll want to try out but you’re also able to meet and chat with other people in the industry. These casual chats are almost always where the real industry secrets lie and so I would really suggest that if you are able to go to this type of event, you should. It’s only when you get out there and meet/hear everyone that you’ll be able to see that everyone is looking at the same things as you are & that you’re all in the same boat together.

If you are interested in the session highlights from my day at SES you can find them in a couple of posts on the Screaming Frog SEM blog. If I find the time I might also add some more highlights to the blog, there were so many great tips and ideas though that it could turn into a long series of posts!

I’ll also be going to the BrightonSEO event in April and I’m planning on posting some stuff from there too so keep your eyes peeled for that 🙂

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